How to Become a Business Intelligence Engineer

How to Become a Business Intelligence Engineer

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Now, every company or business is looking forward to achieve business intelligence engineering. So, it is important to understand how to become a business intelligence engineer.

It allows a business to gather data and then convert it into actionable and intelligent insights.

How to Become a Business Intelligence Engineer: Major Qualifications

For your information, a BI engineer works with a BI developer and analyst collaboratively. Then, a BI engineer must have both skills of developer & analyst to implement BI strategies & tools.

In addition, the responsibilities of a BI engineer and a BI analyst are similar. However, a BI engineer should also create & design BI systems.

Besides that, a BI engineer is also similar to a BI developer. Here, a BI engineer provides comprehensive and clean data to the end-users that can efficiently be used to created KPIs.

To be a BI engineer, you have to meet the following major qualifications:

  1. Graduation in Computer Science, Engineering, or similar fields
  2. Knowledge of SQL & PLSQL
  3. Knowledge of Python or other programming languages
  4. Business process understanding
  5. Knowledge of cost monitoring and budgeting
  6. Knowledge of data visualization, data modeling, and data streaming
  7. ETL Pipeline Scheduling
  8. Ability to work with clients, vendors, or other analysts
  9. Communication and analytical skills.

Besides those basic qualifications, other requirements may differ depending on the company. Sometimes, a company requires a BI engineer certification.

With the tech proliferation & innovations, more companies look for BI analysts & engineers who are able to focus on tiny details & drive company’s growth through data & intelligent analytics.

Required Skills for a Business Intelligence Engineer

Then, how to become a business intelligence engineer? If you want to apply for a BI engineer, you should meet the required skills and mention those skills on your resume.

1.    Key Skills

Make sure that you include the following key skills on your resume. In fact, most companies require these skills for the candidates who are interested in BI engineering.

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Visualization
  • SSRS
  • SSIS
  • Excel
  • SQL Server
  • Machine Learning
  • Scripting
  • Database
  • ETL
  • Analysis
  • Tableau
  • Python

2.    Additional Skills

Then, a company may require some additional skills for those who want to fulfill a BI engineer position.

  • SQL
  • Documentation
  • Data Mining
  • Collaboration
  • Technical
  • Statistics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Computer Science
  • Communication Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Innovation

What to Prepare Before Applying for a BI Engineer

Of course, if you know about the business intelligence engineer salary, you will be interested in this position. However, you should prepare a few things before applying for this job.

Firstly, you have to prepare your resume. So, to convince the recruiter that you are a good candidate, make sure that you showcase those key skills.

Besides that, it is important to prepare your interview. In fact, interview belongs to the most vital part in the process of job recruitment.

Finally, that’s how to become a business intelligence engineer. Hopefully, these guidelines can help you a lot.

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