5 Business Intelligence Engineer Skills to Include on Your Resume

5 Business Intelligence Engineer Skills to Include on Your Resume

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If you are interested in a BI engineering position, you need to know about business intelligence engineer skills required.

A BI engineer researches and analyzes company data in order to support the business’ statistical analysis.

Besides that, BI is a concept focusing on data examining and studying how the data affects company’s operations & profitability.

Business Intelligence Engineer Skills

After understanding the BI engineer job description, it is important to know about the most important skills for a BI engineer.

1.    Data Visualization

Firstly, you must have data visualization skills. For your information, it belongs to a technical skill.

It is the process to communicate and translate data & information visually. Usually, it employs a bar, chart, graph, etc.

When it comes to data visualization, there are 4 characteristics. The first is accurate, where the visualization must represent the data & its trends accurately.

The second is clear, meaning your visualization must be easy to understand.

The third is empowering where the reader must know the actions to take after he/she views your visualization.

Another characteristic is succinct. Here, your message cannot take too long to resonate.

2.    Data Warehousing

Some of the most fundamental data warehousing skills include Data Marts, ETL, Cubes, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Unit Testing, Data Flow Diagramming, Debugging, etc.

Then, the features or characteristics of data warehousing include non-volatile, integrated, time variant, and subject oriented.

3.    Data Analytics

Data analytics also belongs to business intelligence engineer skills you must include on your resume.

There are a few types of data analytics including cognitive, prescriptive, predictive, diagnostic, and descriptive analytics.

Actually, it is neither a soft nor hard skill. However, it is a process involving a combination of those 2 skills.

In relation to data analytics, a BI engineer must know some technical skills like programming languages & data visualization tools.

4.    Data Modeling

Next, a BI engineer must also have data modeling skills. The main types of data modeling are entity-relationship (E-R), dimensional, and relational.

To improve your data modeling skills, you must understand the needed business requirements & results.

Besides that, you should visualize the data that will be modeled. Then, you can begin with simple data modeling so that you can extend afterwards.

5.    Analysis

Lastly, analysis is another required skill to be a BI engineer. Analytical skill is a problem-solving skill helping you to parse data & information for developing solutions.

Some of the most crucial analytical skills include research, data analysis, critical thinking, creativity, and communication.

To improve the analytical skills, you can begin with a clear framework. Besides that, you must focus on the relevant analytical skills for the business.

Moreover, you must practice it regularly. Identifying helpful analytical tools is also very important.

With those business intelligence skills resume, you will have a good chance to get a BI engineering job you are applying for.

However, there are many factors that determine whether you deserve this job position. In addition to those business intelligence engineer skills, you must meet the required qualifications.

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